The Fightin Phils will become the “Reading Whoopies” on August 7th



To honor the traditional Berks County dessert the Fightin Phils will be changing their name to the Reading Whoopies for one day during their 16th annual morning game on August 7th.  The game will be at 9:35 a.m. vs. the Akron Rubber Ducks.

Our Reading Whoopies players will be wearing Whoopie Pie inspired uniforms while playing out on the field to honor the local history.  The Whoopie Pie pays tribute to the Pennsylvania Americana Region which includes Berks County where the Reading Whoopies reside.

The Whoopie Pie originated through the Pennsylvanian German communities and have been passed down for generations.  A Whoopie Pie is a cake-like sandwhich with two chocolate cakes with a creamy center.

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